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Having finally killed Zombie Hitler once and for all, the war for Europe was finally one… Except it seems that nobody told the zombies. Somehow in Zombie Army 4: Dead War they’re back to doing all the things that Nazi Zombies do, and you’ve got to stop them all over again.

Yes Hitler’s hordes are back for more punishment in Rebellion’s spin-off to its shooter sensation Sniper Elite. In this fourth instalment, mangled minions of the undead Fuhrer are still dragging their sorry selves across Europe. You are part of a top squad tasked with hunting them down and putting them back in the ground.

Unlike Left 4 Dead or the more recent World War Z, players are more or less locked into their chosen loadout throughout each level. Instead of starting with low-caliber weapons and picking up stronger versions as you progress, you’ll focus on upgrading your favorite WWII-era guns, extending the magazine, increasing damage, and adding an elemental effect. Weapons that can be picked up within a level are simply guns that you could have taken to begin with. The main draw here is the X-ray system. Well-placed shots will occasionally produce a slow-motion glory shot of the gory end result. It’s very satisfying every time.

Zombie Army 4
is the follow up to the Zombie Army Trilogy, which itself was a collection of the first two Nazi Zombie Army games with some rebalancing, an updated engine, more enemies, more levels, etc. Zombie Army 4 takes its zombie killing formula, and injects a bit of Strange Brigade into it. If you’re not aware, Strange Brigade is another Rebellion 4 player co-op action shooter with horror elements that really lay on the camp, and emphasized its arcade elements. Zombie Army 4 feels like a natural progression, and surprisingly, it ends up with more content than the entire Zombie Army Trilogy, all with faster, more action oriented gameplay. It’s the best time to get into the series.

With Story Mode you can hop in and out of the action with three friends while Co-Op offers up hours of hilarious horde hunting hoots.

And there’s already new content to look forward to. Rebellion has teased its new Season 1 mini-campaign called Hell Cult. As well as three new missions, gamers can enjoy new character packs, weapon bundles and skins plus character outfit bundles.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is going to be exactly what you expect and want it to be, a B-movie zombie killing romp across Europe. There’s more depth and options to the gameplay, new types of enemies to battle, a little more finesse to the horror film references, but when you get right down to it, it’s still all about shooting zombies in the noggin with your mates.

Zombie Army 4: Dead War is available now on Epic Game Store, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.
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