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Genshin Impact Accounts The Genshin Impact community seems to be either muted or upset about the release of Zhongli the game’s most anticipated new character to date. In short he seems underpowered and that’s not what you want to see in an exceedingly rare 5 star hero that can cost up to $350 to try and acquire due to the game’s gacha mechanics.

Zhongli is Genshin Impact's latest character to be added to their banner update and boy has the community lost it over him. He's sparked plenty of arguments on the subreddit and across social media mostly due to the community debating where and how he fits into the current game. However there is one thing we can absolutely all agree on -- Zhongli definitely 100% without a doubt squats. A lot. Most likely every day and we're willing to bet several times a day.


In the early phases of the game Zhongli should be deployed as a secondary support. His purpose is to shield the team and unleash his burst. Given these factors Zhongli partners well with another support option like Barbara Jean or Xingqiu.

MiHoYo's statement is being discussed in a new reddit thread. Most of the reactions that have received a particularly large number of upvotes are negative with the statement. For them there is too much marketing and too little admission in the statement.

Still there’s probably a way to find a balance. Other five stars like Qiqi and Jean are supports but they feel a lot more useful in battle. Zhongli’s current bug will be fix on December 10 and players will also receive compensation for it (probably even if you don’t have him). We are still looking at Update 1.2 coming in late December (possibly Dec 23) and who knows if that could bring some Zhongli buffs with it. But for now miHoYo wants to explain that Zhongli is serving is support role pretty well Buy Genshin Impact Accounts even if you don’t realize it. We’ll see if that’s good enough for players.

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