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Home > News > WoW meets Valheim Elaborate mod lets you explore the home of the Lich King
Modder DrakonmanTheFox has recreated WoW’s Northrend, stuffing it with added content for the Deep North, Mystlands, and Ashlands biomes. You’ll find that dungeons and items appear outside their usual biomes to make things more suited to the Viking spin on Warcraft. For example, you’ll find dragon eggs and Sunken Crypts inside Mistland, Deep North, Mountains and the Black Forest. It all comes together to give you a pretty cool spin on Valheim you can use for your next adventure if you’re a World of Warcraft fan.

While major landmarks like dungeons and structures haven't made the jump (no Icecrown Citadel, I'm afraid), the biomes have been fairly accurately mapped onto Northrend's heightmap. Valheim's continent can't be as hand-crafted as the Warcraft expansion, considering the procedural nature of its terrain. But you'll find peaks, valleys, and lakes laid out where they should.

Mod lets you explore Northrend
What does the mod offer? The modder Drakonman The Fox has largely transferred the landscape from Nordend to Valheim. Sights such as the fortress of the Lich King, dungeons or the flying city of Dalaran are currently missing, but the biomes have been adapted to the areas of the WoW expansion

The continent of Valheim cannot be handcrafted like the Warcraft expansion, considering the procedural nature of its terrain. But you can find peaks, valleys and lakes arranged where they should.

Starting with Howling Fjord, Drakonman has also made changes to reflect the difficulty curve of the WoW expansion. Places like Burial Chambers and Sunken Crypts will spawn well outside their intended biomes, helping you progress to the deep north of Icecrown.

You can find instructions on how to download the mod for yourself over on Nexus Mods. DrakonmanTheFox suggests playing this one with the Epic Loot mod as they’ve included custom spawns inside the Ashlands and Deep North biomes. Expect Draugr villages, stone fortresses, troll caves, and goblin towers to be packed into Deep North.

You'll need to download Better Continents for Drakonman's Northrend to work. After that, you're set to reshape the continent in whatever way you see fit. Go on, show that amateur Arthas how an empire is really made.

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