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Home > News > World of Warcraft Classic servers is finally recovering after a wave of DDoS attacks
Blizzard is finally recovering after a wave of DDoS attacks took down World of Warcraft Classic servers over the weekend. As Kotaku reports, these DDoS attacks began at around 3pm UK time yesterday. A group purporting to be from the UK took credit for the attacks, and gave a "20-30 mins" notice period before seemingly targeting all US servers, including some non-Classic ones. The Twitter account that gave notice of the attack has since been suspended.

At the time of the attacks, Blizzard confirmed the issues via Twitter and explained that it was actively trying to stop the disruption. “Some online services continue to be impacted by a series of DDoS attacks which are resulting in high latency and disconnections,” the tweet says. “These disruption effects have been felt by a portion of our players, impacting their gaming experience. Thank you again for your continued patience.”

It later announced its intent to continue the attack, promising that there would be more outages for World of Warcraft Classic's servers. However, since then, the account has been pulled, likely for violating Twitter's ToS while initiating this attack on Blizzard. It's also worth adding that the WoW developer hasn't confirmed that this account is actually responsible for the attack, yet it's hard to imagine that it isn't involved with the current situation. By the way, you can buy cheap WOW Classic Gold from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.

For those unfamiliar, DDos stands for a Distributed Denial of Service, meaning that a cyber attack has intentionally made a machine or network's resources — in this case, World of Warcraft Classic — unavailable by disrupting connections with its intended users. This has made it unplayable for a solid number of players and has been doing so for a few hours.

True to game developer’s words, the game is finally live after several hours of active effort to stop the interruptions. The customer service team from North America gives an update on the servers that are back online and currently stable. However, they said that some players might experience consistent log-in problems.
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