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Superdata made a report informing that World of Warcraft Classic has increased its subscription revenue by 223%. The Blizzard title presented this incredible increase in the month of August compared to the month of July (both months of this year 2019). This certifies the total success of the launch that has caught both old players and new fans of the franchise.

Yes, it is a resurgence in all of the law, but you have to analyze the data coldly. "Beyond this good figure, the total benefit of the game is still very low, even lower than what was achieved by Battle for Azeroth, the expansion launched last year during August," they stand out from the Nielsen subsidiary. In any case, the influx of public in WoW Classic has led the company and developer to take action.

The success of World of Warcraft Classic has been overwhelming even for Blizzard itself. The main complaint of the players regarding this release was the great queues that the players experienced in order to enter the game. As a result, the company decided to increase the number of players allowed inside the servers, which eased the most anxious players.

A few hours after the launch, and after queues experienced on servers, Blizzard decided to increase the ability of the kingdoms to admit players. During the first weeks, the game also received hacker attacks and was the most seen on Twitch. The video game managed to accumulate more than one million viewers on Twitch, with half a million viewers, far ahead of titles with a long history and solidity in audiences such as League of Legends -55,000 spectators- or the battle royale of Epic Games , Fortnite -48,000 spectators.

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