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Buy V4 Red Gems Starting now players can experience V4’s largest content update since launch in Nexon’s MMORPG cross-platform marvel. The four-part GL19 update adds all-new content including a new chapter regions bosses quality of life improvements and more available now.

The quest to defend Syllunas continues with the addition of Chapter 8 of the Alliance Journey and two new regions for players to explore; Tollan Lagoon and Deceptive Lagoon along with corresponding region bosses Bamaron and Deceptive Bamaraon. A new demon conquest region has also been added for players of level 75 and above.


Level 10 or higher guilds can also unlock the Guild Dungeon Idol Artuman. In addition guilds can benefit from a number of updates Cheap V4 Red Gems including the addition of:

Guild unit coins that can be used to raise guild effects
Guild cooperation system that allows multiple guilds to fight under one banner
Co-op chat feature that allows allies to chat with each other
Registration of enemy guilds on foreign servers which allows players to register enemy guilds

There is also a host of new content on offer depending on the player's level. For instance a new Demon Conquest Region has been added for those who are level 75 and above. Meanwhile Guilds that reached level 10 or beyond can unlock the Idol Artuman Guild Dungeon.

Part 2 of the massive GL19 update will be available to players worldwide on December 16 with Parts 3 and 4 to follow early of 2021.

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