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Home > News > Two World of Warcraft players kill a boss with 1.8 million HP
The boss in question is Onyxia, who at the time of World of Warcraft vanilla was one of the most difficult raid bosses, which also gave rise to a famous meme. With the arrival of WoW classic, many players have re-launched the challenge, managing to kill it in the strangest and most peculiar ways.

Onyxia, a boss that is so difficult to beat, has been defeated by two players, draining all of the 1.8 million hitpoints she has in 57 minutes. Normally, it would take 40 players to take down the boss, but the dedication those two players have is just unbelievable.

As far as WoWHead could tell, this was the first recorded 2-person Onyxia kill in the game’s history (I mean the game’s state of Vanilla). This is not a bad result, especially as The Burning Crusade is approaching and we are slowly coming to the end of the first cycle of the Classic.World of Warcraft Classic has proven one thing: WoW players are a hell of a lot better than they were a decade ago. Raid bosses that used to torment players—that required no less than 40 people armed to the teeth with the best equipment—are now being absolutely squashed without much effort.

According to the authoritative, for fans of the game, the portal WoWhead, this is the first time that someone managed to kill Onyx only in a duet, moreover, in such a short time. This means that Gendisarray and Shiftus (these are the nicknames of our "heroes") have also set a kind of record in the world of the game, which is unlikely to be broken in the near future.

Onyxia is not a challenging raid boss by WoW's modern standards. She was first released over 16 years ago, and WoW's bosses have become far more brutal over time. Onyxia only has a basic handful of abilities that most modern guilds can manage with their eyes closed. Most hardcore Classic players are able to down Onyxia fairly easily—but that still requires a full raid party. It's cool to see two players push things to the extreme.

Take Onyxia, for example. Back in the day, this intimidatingly large black dragon was one of WoW's first-ever raid bosses and was responsible for the infamous "More DOTS!" meme due how difficult she could be. But in WoW Classic (which is a near perfect recreation of vanilla WoW), she's been killed in all sorts of embarrassing ways, like the time 32 warriors practically one-shotted her in a record-breaking 54 seconds, or when a 40-person raid group killed her without wearing any clothes. But today two players dealt the ultimate blow to Onyxia's frightful legacy by managing to whittle down all 1.8 million of her hitpoints by themselves. Why bring 40 players when two will suffice?

 WOW Classic

It doesn't make for the most compelling viewing experience, but it's still an incredible achievement. I'm interested to see if players are able to keep destroying old raid bosses once Burning Crusade Classic launches later this year. As Blizzard explained in our interview during BlizzCon, BC Classic will use the original version of its raid bosses instead of the nerfed ones present in WoW Classic.

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