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The next big DLC for American Truck Simulator is Idaho: Director’s Cut. It’s putting the Gem State front and center, which seems like a great addition to an already expansive game. Idaho is characterized by rocky mountains, beautiful lakes, and expansive terrains. It’s one of the more anticipated locations to be added to this authentic trucking simulator. That’s not all either. Along with this new location is a new viewpoint feature.

In a blog post, SCS Software outlined the new feature, which will provide sweeping shots of areas of "economical and historical importance". Right now it's just going to be limited to the upcoming Idaho DLC, which means areas such as capital city Boise will get viewpoints first. Should players respond well to the inclusion, though, it's likely the feature will be even further expanded to include viewpoints across the entire of the US, and with greater detail.

“Our artists and map designers put a lot of effort into making our game world as beautiful as they can, but often, a location that they may have spent months of time creating will be driven through in a matter of seconds without the player having a chance to admire it,” the team shared. “There have always been many players keen to explore the world to the fullest, searching for cool places to see, but until now, the game did not offer any tool or incentive for sightseeing.” If you want to Buy American Truck Simulator CD Key, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

Now, however, the Idaho DLC will add a new Viewpoints feature to American Truck Simulator. Players will see special locations marked by a purple star on your GPS. Pull up, and you’ll be treated to special cutscenes that showcase the particular place of interest. For now, those are restricted to “sites of economical and historical importance.”

The educational aspect of the feature is not lost on SCS Software. If the feature is well received by fans, it will be expanded. The team has considered expanding Viewpoints with “descriptions and more detailed facts on why the place is interesting and important”. It could even evolve into something else altogether. A list of visited Viewpoints will likely drive players to collect them all.
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