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With Konami and PES’s renewed focus on eSports comes a new name change for the venerable football franchise. In steps eFootball Pro Evolution Soccer 2020, which I’ll be referring to as either Pro Evolution Soccer or PES from here on out, because that is a mouthful. Much like last year’s game, Pro Evolution Soccer 2020’s main star is the ball, and the franchise continues to elevate because of it.

The most important part of PES has always been gameplay. And this iteration is no different. PES 2020 shows marked improvements in this field, creating what is quite possibly the most realistic game of football available in a video game today. For instance, if you try to run the length of the pitch with an unskilled player he’ll eventually lose control of the ball, with the game forcing you to use bursts of pace rather than holding onto the sprint button for extended periods.

If there’s any singular thing that showcases the realism of PES, it’s the importance of the central midfielder. In FIFA, it’s a position that can be ignored in favor of pacey wingers, leaving the midfielders’ only job to be trailing in for second-chance shots or playing through balls to the aforementioned wingers.

In PES however, the central midfielder is the heart and soul of your team. The increased space afforded to players due to the scale of the pitch, along with a slower pace in comparison to FIFA, means you’ll be able to effectively decide how your team plays from the center of the pitch. That means a player like Paul Pogba is an essential addition to a PES lineup.

It’s important to acknowledge from the jump that a vast majority of the on-field portion of PES 2020 is very reminiscent of the experience that was delivered last season. This most certainly isn’t a bad thing, especially when you consider the massive improvements over the prior several years. When the action on the pitch was building upon an already solid foundation, there was no need to go about reinventing the wheel. That said, there have been plenty of quality of life improvements that are very welcome additions to the pitch. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy eFootball PES 2020 myClub Coins from at a reasonable price.
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