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It can be said that Blade Reborn is a quite different product of Snail Games when it is no longer pursuing the familiar ancient martial arts style. Blade Reborn this time will let gamers experience the dark, mysterious, Western world with the scent of the legendary Diablo.

The first impression of gamers with Blade Reborn is that it is too similar to Diablo. From the basic character system including the character classes of witches, warriors and assassins with a customizable skill system of up to 64 points to give players the freedom to choose the right gameplay for them. The dungeon system and spin-off are dark enough for players to plow through time.

The game is important to bring all the main characters that we can choose to play in 3 careers, such as warriors, mage and assassin, with more than 30 skills to choose from. Enjoy a variety of skill and weapon combos to choose from in the game. A dungeon that goes down continuously. And a lot of weapons and armor are waiting to be discovered. As for the graphics, it's beautiful, with a dark image that has been rolled out to the max.

Blade Reborn sends players to the Diabolical underworld, for both opportunities of treasure and to defeat horrific, evil beings. There are dungeons to explore, and secrets left behind by the old gods to uncover. The ultimate goal is to seal away the portal of the demon world.

Besides the PvE single-player mode following the usual storyline, Blade Reborn also offers many other attractive game modes such as PvP 1v1, MOBA 25v25, World Boss, ... helping gamers collect rare materials, Increase your character's strength.

The game possesses modern 3D graphics based on today's most advanced technology for mobile, bringing extremely satisfying and vivid image quality that promises to bring great experiences to gamers.

Blade Reborn has a fairly simple gameplay mechanism with virtual keys and virtual joystsick, players will easily control their characters to move, fight and use skills. With a constant influx of monsters, you'll have to be prepared to sweep all targets in sight and collect rewards including gold and equipment to upgrade your character. me.

Besides, Blade Reborn also allows you to change weapons quickly with the click of a button to create extremely complex and interesting skill combos. All will ensure a hack-and-slash experience comparable to PC games.

Features of Blade Reborn:
  •     Immersive graphic with PC-level visual effect
  •     Smart Hitting feedback and reactions
  •     Fast-paced weapon switching combat system
  •     Endless adventure across a panoramic 3D map
  •     Classic dungeon crawling loot-based gameplay
  •     Various PVP modes and bosses challenge provide Blade Reborn Diamonds only in manual mode, without using bots, scripts or other prohibited software. We always do our best to satisfy every customer and fulfill his needs. All of that is not only about our Blade Reborn Diamonds services, it applies to any game on our site.
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