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The 1.07 update was released for NBA 2K21, and here is the full roster of changes and fixes added with this patch. This upgrade weighs 20GB and is for all versions of Entertainment, including the upcoming coexisting PS5 versions and Xbox Series X | S of leisure. It mainly includes a visual change for The Park, but there are a ton of other minor fixes and stability improvements in this patch.

Today’s NBA 2K21 update reportedly weighs in at around 20GB, making it one of the larger releases, and the first major one for 2021.

Gamers on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Nintendo Switch can get NBA 2K21 Update 1.07 now. 2K Games has not yet revealed the full patch notes, although early user reports indicate some changes.

NBA 2K21 1.07 update patch notes:

    The seasonal event of the Park has been removed.
    Badge error fixed.
    The classic shot meter is back.
    General bug fixes and stability improvements.

But fans on Reddit have been sharing what they have noticed so far and includes changes for player updates.

One user reports: “Just checked. Players that have been updated: – Beal – Simmons – Richaun Holmes – Draymond – Alex Smaigalic – Kemba – Derozan – Pandemic P (not with the braids) – Whiteside – Markieff Morris

“Mostly players that have scanned in next-gen was updated (except for the rookies and Naz Reid).

Updated Courts: – Hawks – Blazers – Mavs – Hornets – Raptors – Suns – Cavs – Thunder.

The main feature of this modernization is a visual change in The Park, which has returned to its natural state as the Christmas season has come to an end. Some gamers have reported that the old-school shooter checker has returned to leisure, but these reports are unconfirmed for now. Without seizure, if it is positively back, it won't be too hard to tell, as more players are likely to post screenshots and other evidence that it exists at leisure. As with all updates, this patch even includes various bug fixes and stability improvements. It is unknown which issues have been positively addressed, but some players have reported that the College Badge exploit has been fixed.

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