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If you’re looking for an innovative MMORPG that is a well-rounded mixture of thrilling RPG combat and relaxing casual game modes, then “Stella Arcana – Eternal Stars” is a perfect choice.Stella Arcana - Eternal Star (Previously known as Light of Thel) by LRGame is releasing its official global version on both iOS and Android on January 6, 2021.

What Does the Game Offer?
Well, considering that Stella Arcana – Eternal Stars is the first game that is developed by LRGame Inc, the game has the following to offer:
  •     Exciting boss fights with intense combat mechanics.
  •     Players can travel through a vast open-world, full of engaging quests and surprises.
  •     Meet new players, make friends, form guilds, and play together!
  •     One on one PvP matches, climb the rankings with smart strategies.
  •     Exciting team-based dungeons and raids.
  •     Endless costumes and easy character customization.

Beautiful graphics and massive character customization
Stella Arcana features colorful and cute anime designs. And it has a snapshot function for players to take screenshots of beautiful scenes and intense battles freely. As the game starts, you have multiple selections to choose your character among several roles. And you can customize your character with large amount of choices on the costumes and appearance. Then you will start your journey on the massive world map by completing quests one by one to get rewards and upgrade your level.

Classes in Stella Arcana aren’t gender-locked
Your class selection is rounded up with a few choices of hairstyle, hair, and costume choices. You do get more choices as you progress if you play your cards right, but for now there isn’t much going on; nonetheless, the outfits are really cute and the female characters do have this… stretchiness to them, if you know what I mean. One curious aspect is the choice of a zodiac sign, a theme that is going to be more relevant to the gameplay and player relationships than you’d imagine.

 Stella Arcana - Eternal Stars

You can think of Sprites like Pokemon, where you can acquire them by capturing them in the wild or some other means. They can be used as a battle pet, a mount or 'mini' for exploration tasks! Once you've captured a sprite, you will be able to get it in its egg form which will need to be hatched. Each sprite can be upgraded and evolved with their own individual personality traits. (Very similar to Pokemon!)

Multiple thrilling PvP and PvE game modes
Besides completing the main quests, there are so many PvP and PvE battle modes you can play in Stella Arcana. You can join a Guild or create your own to fight with friends around the world, or build a 5v5 team with your own Mercenaries in the 5v5 arena, or take adventure to fight through dungeons.

There’s a lot more to say about Stella Arcana, but the conclusion is that this is a competent, colorful, and fully-fledged open world MMORPG for mobile devices. The cute anime graphics are just another layer on top of a game with loads of main and side activities, both tailored for solo and team players. We hope you enjoyed our Stella Arcana gameplay impressions, you should definitely give it a go to see for yourself how appealing it is.

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