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Safeway Gift Cards Second-largest grocery chain in volume of business, Safeway Stores came out of the West, took first steps toward acquiring the Daniel Reeves chain of New York. Reeves's 498 units (215 in New York City) will bring Safeway up to 3,016. Gargantuan A. & P. has over 9,000 stores in the U.S., only 152 in New York City.

Skaggs Stores had its start in 1915, when Marion Barton Skaggs purchased his father's 576-square-foot (53.5 m2) grocery store in American Falls, Idaho, for $1,089. The chain, which operated as two separate businesses, Skaggs' Cash Stores and Skaggs United Stores, grew quickly, and Skaggs enlisted the help of his five brothers to help grow the network of stores, which reached 191 by 1920. Charlie Merrill recognized the potential to consolidate the West Coast grocery industry. In June 1926, Merrill offered Skaggs either $7 million outright or $1.5 million plus 30,000 shares in the merged firm. Skaggs took the latter. On July 1, 1926, Safeway merged with the 673 stores from Skaggs United Stores of Idaho and Skaggs Cash Stores of California.

Perfect for busy moms or dads who don’t want to grocery shop with kids in tow, business professionals who want to grab their groceries on the way home without having to do an hour of shopping first, and anyone looking for the convenience of having your grocery shopping done for you.

Ordering your groceries online or through your mobile device is quick and easy, simply visit or you can download the Safeway grocery delivery app through Google Play or the App Store and place your order using your mobile phone.  Be sure to select the pickup option when prompted and then create your shopping list.

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