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Here are some tips to get one million XP in 24 hours. A few Pokemon Go gamers may think of using a third party app to level up quicker. However, they should be wary in using these kinds of applications because the company is banning gamers that are caught cheating.

Pokemon Go gamers should be extremely careful particularly when the application needs them to log-in their Pokemon Go account. There is a new trick that will help gamers to gain tons of XP in 24 hours. This technique is known as Bubblestrat that involves training at a friendly gym while the gamer uses a particular combo of attacks.

Bubble attacks in the game give slow animation if the Pokemon Go gamers will use their creature that has bubble attack to spam the rival constantly and fast enough. A few creatures may be defeated ultimately before even landing a hit.
The Bubblestrat technique requires to use one of Poliwag, Horsea or Krabby that has a Bubble move. Gamers should select either of the three Pokemon to defend the gym and attack it by using a Diglett.

The Diglett should have the move Scratch or Mudshot. The Bubble attack of Poliwag, Horsea or Krabby will hit and defeat the Diglett. Gamers should be fast enough to make attacks instantly. The defender will be defeated by the Diglett. Furthermore, quick execution of attacks are needed to succeed the technique.

Meanwhile, Pokemon Go buddy system update has not arrived yet. It was earlier thought that the feature would roll out between September 5 and September 7. However, it does appear that the Pokemon Go buddy system is coming sooner rather than later. The company said that this is the next addition to Pokemon Go and that it is very near.

According to reports, the company felt pressured to declare the feature sooner than it meant and before it was ready to be rolled out. Initially, Pokemon Go gamers found the buddy system by sifting through the Pokemon Go's source code, and after speculations about it started to spread online, that's everybody in the Pokemon Go community could discuss about for some days, IGN reported.

Therefore, the developer felt the need to end the rumors and make the news official while they still required extra time to fine-tune the system.
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