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The developers of Outriders, People Can Fly, make addictive action games in the simple shooter genre. Bulletstorm, for instance, was a first-person shooter with attacks that sent people flying, perhaps justifying the studio’s unique name. Outriders is their wild attempt at the lucrative loot-shooter genre — which includes games such as Borderlands, Destiny and The Division.

Despite the fact that people seem to think Outriders is a live service game, its campaign is single player at heart, although you can play it with friends. The narrative itself has some interesting lore, but the actual plot beats and characters, while not bad, don’t do much to make this something people will remember for its story. The basic gist is that your Outrider hears a distress signal when they land, so you set out to find it in the hopes that the electronics equipment it uses can call down the supplies stuck on another ship in orbit. As such, it’s mostly a road trip story. Beyond the rising action, it gets somewhat dull and doesn’t have much to make you want to rush forward.

Outriders combines the mechanics of a third-person action shooter with deep RPG elements, which allows for both the customization of the player character and the possibility of following different strategies while approaching danger. This adds a lot to replayability to Outriders, especially since the game can be played either solo or as a cooperative experience for up to three players. People Can Fly, the studio behind Outriders, already declared this is the core idea behind the game, and since the release of their demo, they are working to improve the game based on players' experience and feedback.

Depending on your approach to Outriders and what you're looking for, the story could act as waypoints that interrupt the somewhat same-y feeling shoot-em-up action set pieces, or vice versa. Both the narrative and the gameplay complement each other quite well. So while you never quite get in-depth enough with the characters to want to write fan-fic about them, there's still something friggin' cool about gearing them up, slugging it out in literal trenches against human and creature (and more) enemies alike, and seeing them safely out the other side with only 1HP and a dream. That's as good a combo of RPGs and shooters as I've seen, and Outriders does it all in a satisfying way.

For your character, you can select from four distinct classes, each with its unique play-styles, strengths and weaknesses. The combination of gunplay and powers is great, but the cover system makes zero sense. The enemy AI is aggressive and is designed to keep you on your toes. They also cheat a bit. Hiding behind cover will automatically attract all their grenades, as they know where you are all the time. Additionally, the dodge button seems to have a mind of its own. On many occasions, I dodged the wrong way and one of the game’s punishing Altered bosses made quick work of me.

Outriders has a structure semi-reminiscent of an MMO. Each story section takes you to a zone containing markers that progress the story. Along the way to these markers, you’ll fight your way through foes. Once there, you’ll watch a cutscene and then fight some more, before finally seeing another cutscene. The zones are visually pleasant, but they tend to feel empty and dead. Lore notes can be found along the way, as well as chests with (typically) unneeded loot, plus spots to harvest iron. The locations are all aesthetically distinct, taking place in typical video game environments such as war-torn cityscapes, forests, snowy mountains, deserts, and ancient ruins.

Outriders has been released by Square Enix on April 1 on the Xbox Game Pass and Xbox consoles, but also on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Google Stadia. Given that this is also a cross-play title, that means players from different platforms will be able to play together right away.

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