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Outfit7, the maker of the enormously popular Talking Tom and Friends mobile app, is launching My Talking Hank in an attempt to keep the momentum going.

Talking Tom debuted in 2010, becoming a hit as kids and adults alike learned how to prompt the funny character to say amusing things about their friends or make farting noises. Since then, its suite of apps has been downloaded more than 5.6 billion times. The franchise has also amassed over 10.3 billion video views of its various branded content online.

The adventure of My Talking Hank begins as a stork delivers a cute and cuddly baby Talking Hank to the tropical island of Hawaii, where he needs your <3 to help him grow, feed him and explore the island. The app goes above and beyond the tamagotchi-style mechanics with an added element of animal photo collecting. Players choose from various foods and toys to lure over 115 different animals so, together with Hank, they can snap a photo to add to their photo album. Animals can show up at any moment in an unlocked animal zone, so players always have something new to look forward to each time they open the app. In addition, if you are in need of Cheap My Talking Hank Coins, you can visit our website

The app is the first based on the goofy and adventurous character, Talking Hank. Fans can join Hank, a photographer, on the island of Hawaii, where they can take care of Hank and collect animal photos throughout the different zones around the island. This game represents Outfit7’s take on a Tamagotchi-style mechanic of raising little animals.

"My Talking Hank draws the user in with an entertaining storyline, and allows players to form a deep connection with Talking Hank," said Samo Login. "The graphics and added interactive elements make sure players are always coming back for more."
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