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Old School RuneScape Gold Old School Runescape has launched a Closed Beta on Steam to test their new game client and are reaching out to the community to provide much needed feedback. Building a brand new client is no small undertaking but it may be the right move leading up to their official Steam release.

“We’re still some way from releasing on Steam but first we really need your help,” the MMO’s developer says in a new blog post. “Here’s the thing. Our official client made in Java doesn’t work very well with some of Steam’s core features. So we’ve been working on a new game client built in C++.” As well as “playing nicely” with Valve’s platform the dev adds the shiny new client will also add GPU support boosting the game’s performance as well as cap your frames-per-second to your display’s refresh rate. “All in all it’ll make Gielinor a far more welcoming place,” Jagex says. Lovely stuff.

Old School RuneScape

Also launching an antediluvian MMORPG on a "modern" platform like Steam is not always easy. Concretely the Old School RuneScape Java client proved to be poorly compatible with some of Steam's main features so the Jagex teams had to rewrite it in C ++. The process took a little while but is now finalized and even optimized the game client.

Those selected as testers will get an email from Jagex with Buy OSRS Golda Steam beta key and instructions on how to dive in. You can find out more about this in the blog post linked above as well as an FAQ page here.

In 2018 mobile ports of RuneScape and Old School RuneScape were announced for both Android and iOS. By 2020 Old School Runescape had hit 5 million downloads. Ranked as one of the best MMORPGs of all time RuneScape currently maintains over a million active accounts. 2020 has seen RuneScape’s first new skill in four years a new lore chapter and new minigames. Early in September it was rumored that RuneScape might be coming to consoles.

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