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A beastly new group boss and 80-player fight to bring it down launch in Old School RuneScape today. Along with some brand new combat mechanics to tackle, The Nightmare of Ashihama group boss battle brings the chance to grab some all-new shiny rewards.

As announced by developer Jagex, The Nightmare is a monster who has made their home below the in-game town of Slepe, in Morytania – and it’s causing a few problems. It’s been “feeding on the dreams of the innocent townsfolk and growing stronger every moment”, so now you’ve got to defeat it once and for all. It’s the first ever group boss unique to the classic-style MMORPG that “has a co-op focus”, according to the devs in a press release.

The big appeal in killing The Nightmare is the new Inquisitor’s armor and weapon set that can only be gotten from it. Whilst this new tier 75 armor isn’t anything overly flashy, the Inquisitor Mace offers plenty to get excited about. This new mace acts as the crush version of the Ghrazi rapier, better known as the best all-around weapon in Old School RuneScape. Given its similarities, the Inquisitors Mace could end up being just as competitive. In addition, our site has a large quantity of safe Old School RuneScape Gold For Sale.

You’ll need to deal a minimum amount of damage to earn rewards during The Nightmare and the number of loot droops scales with the amount of damage the attackers handed out during the battle. Every player who contributes “enough” to the fight, however, will get a chance of picking up a tertiary drop, such as pet, jar and clue scroll.

That’s not all the Nightmare of Ashihama drops either. You also have a shot at getting the tier 65  Nightmare Staff and one of three different orbs. These orbs can be combined with the Nightmare Staff to make a tier 75 magic weapon. As of right now, none of the Nightmare of Ashihama’s unique drops is accurately valued. As with all new bosses, it’ll take some time for the drops to settle down on the Grand Exchange. Many are going for well over a billion GP due to the initial hype so most players are going to want to wait before buying anything.
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