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If you’ve got an awesome name for your Aion Classic character all lined up, today’s the day to lock it in. A post on the official Aion forum states that the period allowing Aion Classic Character Creation and Name Reservation will begin at 9AM PST (4PM UTC) today. You’ll also be able to start creating your character, and given all the options available, you could spend the week leading up to release just getting your character’s nose perfect.

Quickly! Get home and get ready for Aion Classic! There’s no time to explain why! Oh… wait, it turns out that’s actually our job, so we’ll take a little time to explain why. See, as previously covered the classic version will be arriving in the Americas on June 23rd, allowing players to experience the game as it was back when it launched and so on and so forth. You probably got all of that from the name Aion Classic. But as of today, you can actually take care of character creation and name reservation!

The new service for the vaunted MMORPG Aion provides a fresh start as the game originally was when it launched in the Americas back in 2009, with some additional quality of life improvements. Players new and old can take flight to explore the massive, unique realm of the god Aion, hunt and venture on quests, or take a side in the battle between light and dark and fight other players.

Of course, neither of these items is similar as truly enjoying the sport; that must wait a bit longer. Still, in case you have a name you completely should get or simply love enjoying round with the character creator, your time is now. Go dwelling from work! Break all site visitors legal guidelines to make sure nobody else will get your name! You’re allowed to do it, it’s completely authorized.

Players who still haven’t chosen a name, or even figured out what class they’re going to play, still have one week until Aion Classic’s June 23rd launch date. If you’re still trying to decide whether or not to get one of the Founder’s Pack (which include some exclusive titles and costumes, an item pack, and up to three months of Siel’s Aura), they will still be available for purchase until 6/30, one week after the launch of Aion Classic.

The game itself is slated to launch on June 23 in North and South America and will be free-to-play with an optional sub and battle pass. Founder’s packs are also available on the official site if you’re interested.

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