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NBA 2K21 MT Coins 2K Sports is the first developer to give us a sports game on the new consoles with NBA 2K21. Without having any real knowledge of either the sport or the game series I decided to try out the new basketball game to see how it stacked up on the new-generation hardware.

The coolest change between PS4 and PS5 comes with loading times. Gone are the multiple minute-long loads. After closing 2K21 mid-game you can load right back to where you were from a cold boot in just over a minute. The consensus with this generation leap is how well the console values your time and 2K21 follows that trend beautifully.

nba 2k21

Between the hoops the new-gen version of NBA 2K21 addresses many of the legacy issues that have plagued the franchise for years. Players being warped into uncontrollable animations happens much less frequently and as a result there’s more efficacy when on defense. Positioning isn’t just about reacting anymore; it can be employed as a strategy. There were several times particularly in matches online where my usual ability to drive past aggressive defenders with someone like Kevin Durant has been stilted due to being out-positioned. Unfortunately the A.I. doesn’t take advantage of this in the way that it probably should. They were frequently overly aggressive on players who can drive but can’t shoot well such as Markell Fultz. This makes it far too easy to get into the lane for an explosive dunk or easy foul call.

While it’s not groundbreaking Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins it’s plenty of fun especially since it’s so refined. Creating downloading and sharing draft classes has never been easier and it’s the same for players and rosters. And under the hood there’s more nuance and control: A revamped boom-or-bust system leads to more intrigue with prospects in your draft classes. There’s more to experiment with and contend with and it all feels realistic. There are other little touches too: You can hire female GMs and coaches and former players can become coaches in your franchise. You’ll be tasked with more little things throughout your season if you choose that option creating fun variability.

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