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Minecraft Accounts for Sale Minecraft is back with another snapshot for the Java Edition once again adding and testing new features and changes from the upcoming Caves and Cliffs Update which is releasing Summer 2021. The new snapshot dubbed 20w49a adds two new features for players to try out as well as a host of technical changes bug fixes and more.

Mojang released the latest details on the new Snapshot 20W49A that’s now available in Minecraft’s Java edition. It changes some things added in the last Snapshot or two but the big feature of the update is the new Biome.

First players will have to make sure that they are playing on the Java edition of Minecraft. Bedrock will eventually see the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update released as a whole but sadly Bedrock players cannot download snapshots and will have to wait.

Next up the Sculk. This is perhaps one of the most fascinating additions in the Caves and Cliff updates Cheap Minecraft Accounts this bizarre and creepy new block has the ability to sense nearby vibrations. When a player walks over the Sculk it sends out a Redstone signal in a circular radius of 8 blocks.

You can fool the Sculk by creeping around harvest it efficiently with a hoe (thanks Mojang the hoe has a new purpose!) and potentially use the Sculk to create all sorts of weird and wonderful Redstone creations in the future.

Minecraft one of the Best Games for Kids continues to grow and evolve over time. With the sculk sensors being added in this update sound is more important than ever so make sure you're well-acquainted with one of the Best Headsets for PC Gaming.
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