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In connection with the imminent release of Lineage 2M in the Japanese and Taiwanese markets, the developers have published new trailers. The launch in these regions should take place as early as January 6th. All this brings the European release of the game closer. Those who are especially impatient can play the Korean version of the game, which is available on mobile and PC platforms. It has support for the English language. The exact date of the European launch has not yet been announced. The project is being developed by NCsoft Corporation.

The game will officially open Beta in the aforementioned places on March 24. Currently, there are a large number of players expecting this product to launch and have participated in the previous announcement.

According to records, Lineage 2M game currently has more than 2.5 million pre-registrations, a new milestone in the process of opening registration in the regions. This also shows the interest and support of players here about an attractive online multiplayer role-playing game.

According to the published data, at the end of the last year, sales of mobile games on the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and One Store platforms amounted to 5.32 trillion won (~ $ 4.8 billion), which is 24% more than in 2019.

What is notable is that NCSoft’s Lineage M yielded the top position to Lineage 2M in Google Play Store. Before handing over the baton, the former game was ranked first for 892 days upon its release in June 2017. With Park’s V4 coming in third, the chart is now unusually dominated by domestically developed mobile games both directly and indirectly related to Lineage.

It can be said that the launch in many different markets reflects the appeal and the huge community of NCSoft game fans.

Let's look forward to the launch of this product on March 24 on Android, iOS. It is known that the game also landed in the Southeast Asian market, providing a greater opportunity for Vietnamese players to experience Lineage 2M.

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