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There has been a lot of excitement among gamers ever since Riot Games announced that it will be releasing “League of Legends Mobile: Wild Rift.” The game is currently undergoing beta tests, and a leaked image that has been circulating online has revealed all the confirmed champions that are featured in the game.

Over 40 champions at launch. No exact number has been specified yet but at least 40 is off to a good start. Some fan favorites were confirmed to be part of this launch roster, such as Nasus, Twisted Fate, Annie, Fizz, Lux, Garen, Jinx, and Nami. (A full known roster can be found at the Wild Rift Fandom Wiki.) By comparison, when competing MOBA game Smite from Hi-Rez Studios launched on console in 2015, all of the gods on PC (around 70 at that time) were available to play. To be fair, though, the controls for Smite were easier to transfer from keyboard/mouse to gamepad than is probably the case for League of Legends.

Wild Rift has a few teething problems: the store was difficult to navigate, while strategic elements like panning around the map, offering informative pings, and voice chat were either too complicated for a handheld setup, or entirely absent without common third-party software. To be honest I found the mobile controls a little uncomfortable towards the end of my time with the game, and I’m much more interested in seeing what Wild Rift will look like on Switch rather than phone. By the way, you can buy cheap LOL WR Accounts from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “5MMO”.

It's not yet clear how closely the Wild Rift versions of each champion will mirror their PC counterparts. It's possible that some characters might be balanced differently or even feature abilities that their main game versions lack due to the control scheme for Wild Rift.

A press release from the company stated that the game will be “polished” and it will give the players a “legitimate” “League of Legends” experience. The developers also promised that it will be worthy of the gamers’ time. While China was the first country where the beta version was released, the company has promised to release it in the other markets by the end of the year. The game will first be launched for mobile and a console version will follow later.
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