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LoL Wild Rift RP In October 2019 Riot Games announced the new game Wild Rift. This is a version of League of Legends that is to appear specifically for mobile and consoles. Less than a year later we finally know when we will start the beta and that the release will be delayed.

Riot Games will be showing off a preview of League Of Legends: Wild Rift this week as you can check it out on Twitch tomorrow. Twitch Rivals to be specific as they won't just be giving you the average preview with some videos and screenshots and a bunch of discussions. This will be a full-on celebrity brawl! The list of celebrity players who will be taking part in the match includes Aphromoo (Zaqueri Black) Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli) Chrissy Costanza League of Legends Wild Rift RP EMUHLEET FaZe Apex Joe Manganiello Meteos (William Hartman) Nate Hill Rick Fox and ZEDD. The coaches for both teams will be League of Legends pros Dardoch (Joshua Hartnett) and Voyboy (Joedat Esfahani) while the event will be commentated by Caleb Simmons Dash (James Patterson). and LeTigress (Gabriella Devia-Allen).

Before everything kicks off next week gamers can get a new look at League of Legends Wild Rift gameplay via a new Twitch stream being hosted by Verizon.

This is happening at 6pm PDT on October 22 and will be available to watch via the Twitch Rivals channel.

Riot Games unveiled a brief teaser of Wild Rift gameplay during Apple's iPhone event earlier this month where the product company unveiled the new iPhone 12 lineup. The studio confirmed that the League of Legends mobile title will take advantage of iPhone 12's A14 chip. This new processor coupled with 5G network speeds should make League of Legends: Wild Rift feel reminiscent of its PC counterpart while providing console-quality responsiveness.

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