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Home > News > How was the skill tree system of Path of Exile designed? POE skill tree and all nodes analysis
The skill tree of the Path of Exile is suffocating at first glance, and it is surprising how such a huge skill tree was born. To understand how to design the skill tree, you must first understand the design purpose of the skill tree.
We can infer the design ideas of the POE designer in reverse, and first observe the characteristics of the skill tree in Path of Exile.
1. The skill tree is divided into three major areas according to the three major nodes.
The main node in each area has obvious bias, such as the intelligence node in the intelligence area.
2. No matter which talent, all professions have enough talent points to learn there
This is one of the cornerstones of POE Free BD. Another cornerstone is the free combination of skills.
From this point and the free combination of skills, the designers of POE hope that all professions can experience any BD, rather than restricting the direction of BD.

3. The talent effects in different areas are basically consistent with the objective impression of the node
To put it another way: the talents in the intelligence area are basically adding spell damage, the strength area is basically adding health and melee damage, and the agility area is basically adding long-range damage. As for the talents at the junction of the two regions, both types of talents exist.
4. Different occupations have different starting positions
The most important impact of this point is: because the starting position of each profession is different, the cost (distance) to light the same talent point is different. This makes different occupations have a comparative advantage in cost for the same BD, and occupations with this comparative advantage tend to be stronger when constructing the BD.
In addition, it can be seen that the idea of POE design profession is to first determine the one or two main nodes that the profession needs most, then determine the professional characteristics according to the required main nodes, and then package the professional image after determining the professional characteristics. After determining the node preference of the profession, its starting position on the skill tree is naturally determined.
5. The sublimation talent of each profession is an enhanced version of the talent bias effect of the starting area
Sublimation talents are talents that can be learned in the middle and late stages of the game, and their effects are basically the enhanced version of the talents of the profession's node bias.
Sublimation talent is characterized by low cost of understanding and powerful effects.
The design purpose of sublimation talent is relatively clear, which is to strengthen the advantages of the profession. A profession with sublimation talent that can strengthen the ability of summons is undoubtedly more suitable for playing the summoning genre than a profession without such sublimation talent.
It can be seen from points 3, 4, and 5: POE designers hope to highlight the advantages and differences of different professions.
6. The skill tree is divided into three rings, from the inner ring to the outer ring, the classification is gradually refined, and the increase is gradually strengthened
In easy-to-understand terms: the closer the talent is to the starting point, the more comprehensive the effect coverage, such as "10% increase in spell damage"; the farther away the talent is, the more detailed the effect and the stronger the increase, such as "15% increase in fire spell damage" .
The main purpose of this design is:
1) Reduce the waste of passing points on the way out of the early talent points. Early players can choose less talents, in order to avoid wasting talent points, only talents with high versatility can be provided;
2) Encourage BD to refine the development direction, so that 1000 people have 1000 different hamlet oh no skill tree. Imagine if there is a talent point of +20% spell damage, who would go for a talent point such as +10% fire spell damage or +10% frost spell damage?
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