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Pokéstops are helpful in that they award you with plenty of items like Pokéballs, and a small chunk of experience points that will aid you on your adventure. They appear in the game as small blue beacons that animate as you get close to them, usually at important real-world locations and landmarks. You’ll want to hit up plenty of them to keep your reserves well stocked and ready for whatever Pokémon you encounter.

Accessing Pokéstops is usually a quick and simple activity — just tap on the stop once you’re nearby, spin the picture, and collect your items. However, there are some small ways you can maximize your Pokéstop use.

First, instead of tapping on each item spawned by the Pokéstop, just spin the picture and close it. The items will automatically be added to your inventory. This is especially handy if you’re commuting and quickly passing multiple stops, or if you need to move quickly to find a Pokémon.

What to do if your bag is full? At some point, however, your bag is going to be completely full. When that happens, don’t stop accessing the Pokéstops. Keep tapping and spinning — you might not be getting items, but your trainer will be getting experience for every Pokéstop you access. And since Pokéstops reset every five minutes or so, you can access them again and again for items and experience.

You can also discard items — just go to Items and tap on the trash can. You’ll be able to choose how many of each item you want to throw away. It’s generally best to toss potions and revives, because you’ll have far more than you need in most situations. Pokéballs tend to be more valuable. You have plenty at early levels, but at later levels they’re in shorter supply, as Pokémon become harder to catch.

On top of the items you get from Pokéstops and leveling your trainer, there is also a store in the game where you can spend real-world money on Pokécoins. A cool $1 equates to 100 coins, which you can use to buy items via in-app purchases. These include rarer items like incense, lucky eggs, and lure modules, along with large quantities of Pokéballs and expanded item or Pokémon storage. Wanna know more information about the Pokemon GO?! Then come join us and view here, we will keep up dating the great news for Pokemon GO,strategy  about it funny things happened among the players.
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