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MLB The Show 21 is now available to Xbox owners, and the game supports cross-platform play, meaning you can not only play with your friends on Xbox but on other platforms as well.

How To Link Accounts Across Platforms in MLB The Show 21
  •     First, you will have to make an account on your respective console.
  •     To link your accounts across you will need to go to
  •     On this site head to the top right corner of the page.
  •     As seen in the image above you will see an option for My Account.
  •     Click on the My Account option.
  •     You will now be redirected to another page.
  •     Here you will see an option for PlayStation or XBOX accounts.
  •     Choose the respective console that you use and enter the details.
  •     Now go to MLB The Show 21 again and open the game.
  •     You will see an icon in the top left of your screen directing you to Ballplayer and Profile.
  •     Here you will see an option for Link Account.
  •     This redirects you to another site,
  •     Here you can register your account on
  •     Doing so will help link your account to MLB The Show 21’s servers and make it accessible across various platforms.

Compared to something such as Call of Duty where console players may not want to play against someone on PC with a clear advantage using mouse and keyboard, there really isn’t much reason to disable cross play here. Both players will be on equal footing unless there is some clear issues playing across platforms, even though they are using the same servers and should not have any issues.

Play Against Each Other's Diamond Dynasty Teams
However, there is a way to play against friends with a Diamond Dynasty team.
  •     Go to Online Modes in Diamond Dynasty
  •     Click the Play Vs Friends option

This mode will allow players to customize and tweak their settings in unranked games. It would be overpowered if players were able to rank up their team through these games because on play could just roll over for the other player and vice versa.

Personally, we recommend starting off with an Exhibition Game especially if you’re looking for the quickest way to jump into a game with your friend in MLB The Show 21. And with that out of the way, we hope you enjoy playing with your friends on the same platform and via Cross Play in MLB The Show 21!

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