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Home > News > Hi-Rez Studios has kicked off the first official season for its free-to-play shooter Rogue Company
Today the world’s top hired guns got their biggest new content drop yet as Rogue Company kicks off its Season One. This major update for First watch Games’’ slick cross-platform shooter is out on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC – plus on Xbox Series X & S where Rogue Company has been available for free as a native game since release.

New Rogue:Kestrel
the new rogue It is clearly the highlight. The character’s name is Kestrel and you can unlock him simply by playing. No need to spend money as long as you don’t mind adding some extra grind to your current regiment. Kestrel was one of the founding members of the Rogue Company who had retired even though he appears to be in his early twenties. But just when she thought she was out they pulled her out again in.

It comes with two weapons and its active ability launches drones that fire rockets. Also, every time he hits another rogue, he fills his pockets with some cash. Finally, he has a new perk called Resupply, which gives defeated enemies a chance to drop a supply kit that refills the gamer’s gadgets. Who thought it?

New limited time game mode and new Rogue
New content in live service games is (almost) always good news, and it certainly is in Season 1 of Rogue Company. Kestrel is a fun new Rogue that seems well balanced out of the gate, and comes with unique weapons (the Riptide AR and Knight SMG), a unique perk (Resupply), and good synergy with Dahlia.

The new Sabotage limited time mode is fine. It’s not a huge departure from previous Rogue Company LTMs, and like those other modes it does split up the game’s population unnecessarily, so I personally could have done without it. That said, it seems that Hi-Rez uses these LTMs to test ways to tweak and improve the Rogue Company gameplay as a whole, and that’s good.

Players progress through the Season One Battle Pass simply by playing, with many items being absolutely free. Among those are account boosters, an all-new type of reward exclusive to the Battle Pass. There is more for anyone who purchases the Premium Pass for 1000 Rogue Bucks, including as an instant reward the aptly named One Shot One Kill outfit for The Fixer, the notorious Atlanta-based sniper.
In addition, three new high-value bundles can be purchased in-game to dive into Rogue Company’s first Season with style.

    Rogue Edition – For just $24.99 it unlocks 8 playable Rogues from last year, plus 500 Rogue Bucks.
    Year 1 Pass – For $24.99 as well, it proactively unlocks all 8 Rogues that will join the game in 2021, plus 500 Rogue Bucks.
    Ultimate Edition – For $49.99, it contains both bundles and adds 500 Rogue Bucks on top—that's 1500 in total.

Phantom gets the Nightshade
Arguably the best change in Season 1 of Rogue Company is that Phantom is replacing her Arren DMR with the Nightshade. Until now Phantom essentially had two sniper rifles that had noticeable differences but still kept her in a niche, restricting her gameplay to mostly hanging back and taking angles. A silenced mid-to-close range weapon lets her roam and support her team in more positions, opening up her gameplay dramatically. She’s just a lot more fun now.

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