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Desertopia is a relaxing and therapeutic idle simulator that allows you to spend 5 to 10 minutes of your day cultivating a desert island into a vibrant and lively place at your own pace. You are here to care for the island and restore its wildlife. Occasionally you need to pick up floating trash to keep the environment clean. You must also make decisions about events triggered by humans. Do you let a tour group onto the island? Should you build a resort? Every decision will directly affect the development of the island.

 A relaxing and unique simulation game where we control the rain on an island, watering the desert to make vegetation grow and animals appear (there are 50+ animals to discover). But nothing lives forever and animals drink water and eat vegetations, so if we forget to come back for a few days, our island WILL turn into a desert again and the animals go extinct.  

Desertopia lets players cultivate new life forms on a simulated deserted island. The player is tasked with repopulating a barren, deserted island and helping various species flourish. Taking care of the island is no easy task—here, nothing is permanent. Your favorite animals could go extinct, but the decline of one species may lead to the prospering of another. Unlike most simulation and management games, items you construct in Desertopia can grow or fade away. Random events galore may also present opportunities and increase the risk factor of the game, ensuring that no two players will have the same playing experience. If you want to Buy Desertopia Gems, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

Nearly 100 animals: Desertopia has a collection of 87 creatures and 21 terrain types. Also, more than 10 legendary creatures populate the island when certain special conditions are met. Some of them only pop up during festivals and holidays! Weather and water evaporation: Water evaporation is a unique gameplay mechanic in Desertopia. You must regularly bring rain to your island to maintain suitable living conditions for your creatures. If the island is not properly cared for, it will revert to a desolate desert.

Plants will need abundant rainfall to grow, this is how the game is working in the basic function so we are not going to rush things out in any direction. Tap the screen to bring some rain to the island. The counter tells you when creatures will be restored. And that is one weird feature the game is offering.You can also speed up the entire cycle of the day and see things progressing forward much faster than it is.
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