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Home > News > Call Of Duty Mobile continues to enforce policies to remove cheaters
It’s no surprise that Infinity Ward is continuing to provide quality of life updates for Call of Duty: Warzone, considering what a massive success it continues to be. For those unaware, the game gathered over 6 million players on its launch day, and a total of 30 million players just 10 days after it launched.

Now that Modern Warfare’s Season 3 content has rolled out, Warzone is seeing plenty of new updates as well. While most of these updates center around game modes and gameplay features, Infinity Ward is now adding a helpful new feature that should aid players in reporting cheaters.

This leaves console players caught between a rock and a hard place. While turning off crossplay will lock out PC players, it can also greatly increase lobby wait times. Besides that, crossplay in general in an awesome function, one sure to be further embraced in the next generation of gaming and so seeing it become more of a deterrent to players is disappointing. If you need Buy Call of Duty Points Modern Warfare, you can visit our site

While Activision is yet to comment on this particular issue, the publisher has been vocal recently about its commitment to cracking down on cheaters. Just recently, Activision put out a tweet stating it had already banned over 70,000 players for cheating, and that the publisher was taking a "zero tolerance" stance against these shenanigans.

Call of Duty Mobile's development team touched on several other topics in the Reddit post, including upcoming events and bug fixes. One of the biggest recent changes was free-for-all mode's removal from the permanent playlist. It's currently in the game again for a limited time, and it could potentially return as a permanent mode again if it has enough players. A multiplayer snipers-only event is currently running through April 22, as well, and Gun Game Team Fight will arrive the following day.
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