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Launched at the end of 2020 in South Korea, Astellia Royal is a free-to-play version of the Astellia game. The latter made his debut in the West in January 2020 and offers a magical adventure in a universe inspired by fantasy. While using the major codes of the MMORPG genre (exploration, dungeons, battlefields, professions, etc.), Astellia Royal offers a game experience that is slightly different from that of the original game.

A new version of the original MMORPG Astellia called Astellia Royal has become available on the global market. The game can be downloaded for free through the Steam service without any regional restrictions. There is no translation into Russian.

To celebrate the launch on Steam, publishers have launched two special events. The first one allows you to earn additional rewards for increasing the character's level, and the second one gives you the opportunity to participate in the drawing when buying gems. In addition, the game now has bonuses to experience (+ 10%) and rewards for being online.

We summarize some voices for you here:
  •     Dixxx says on Steam: “174% Pay2Win! You can easily buy top-tier armor, top-tier astels, and anything else you might need. Bonus packs for new players give them a head start. "
  •     Kareno explains (via Steam): “You can buy Astells in the shop, randomly of course, like in a gatcha system. There are also boosters and lots of things to make the game easier in the shop. But you can also buy crystals and scrolls for a lot of money, with which you can strengthen your character. In theory, you can boost a level 1 character with 1,000 euros to level 50. "
  •     [A.] KSib can't even play properly (via Steam): “Doesn't even run unless you uninstall your Logitech / Steelseries / Corsair mouse / keyboard software. Apparently it's Pay2Win too. I do without it. "
  •     BREADSTICK writes on Steam: "Obviously the developers want to squeeze out the game with this release."

Astellia Royal claims a simplified gameplay compared to its predecessor. The summoning of the Astels (these small creatures that accompany the player) is subject to less restriction, the maximum level is capped at level 35 (against 50 in the original version) to reach the end-game more quickly and this new version is focuses mainly on PvP - much more open and active throughout the game world (and no longer in dedicated areas as before). Astellia’s gameplay is therefore the subject of a significant change in focus.

The main difference between Astellia Royal is the presence of open PvP, allowing you to attack other players. The process of obtaining astells has also been simplified, you can use two astells at the same time without spending energy, and equipment no longer has a level requirement.

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