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Home > News > Anyone who stands on houses in WoW Classic PvP can get an account penalty
In World of Warcraft Classic you should watch out for PvP realms on how to position yourself. The wrong place can lead to account penalties!

In the "good old days" of World of Warcraft Classic, there were still many rules and habits that would be hard to imagine today (or in retail). After all, there were no flight reindeer at that time and many game mechanics have worked differently. For this reason you have to be careful in Classic, where your own character stands. Otherwise you are in doubt a nasty exploiter.

What exactly is it? In the Subreddit of WoW Classic showed the user KazmaticsTV a screenshot of the dialogue with a Game Master. In conversation, the player stood on the rooftops of buildings and turned sheep from the other faction into sheep to tease them. This was a PvP act, but spawning NPC guards could not grab him on the roof.


What does that mean? In plain language this means that you can not stand on PvP on rooftops or heights on which you had to work your way up through "Wall Jumping" or other tricks. Any place where guards can spawn but can not reach you will be considered an exploit and may be interpreted against you and your account in case of doubt.

So if you do not want to risk punishment, you should always make sure that you only use "fair" positions in PvP where there are no guards nearby or guards have at least a chance to strike.

Incidentally, the rule is not new. Already "back then" to Vanilla there was this decision and who has hidden on roofs, where he was unimpeachable for many, could expect penalties if it was reported by other players.

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